Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I use a professional translator?

Having a web presence means that your potential market is - literally - the whole world. If you are selling products or services internationally you really need the services of a professional translator. Small companies often start by managing their own translations, delegating translation to bilingual staff or those that have studied another language, without realising that it probably costs them more in terms of time and that poor translations undertaken by staff not trained as translators or with minimal experience can rapidly damage a company's image and credibility, that has taken so long to establish. Choosing a professional translator means you avoid these risks and gives you peace of mind and a clear advantage over your competition. 

Why TranslatorsVillage?

As translation becomes a necessary step to staying competitive in today's global markets, the purchasing process should become more standardized and easier to understand. TranslatorsVillage delivers this simple process to save time, to enable buyers to more easily identify exactly what service they are getting, to compare "like for like" competitive quotes and finally to make an informed decision.

What service do I get using TranslatorsVillage platform?

If you use the sophisticated TranslatorsVillage online platform to get a quote then it will count the words to be translated from your source file whenever possible. Since files are not always in the same format, it also allows you to introduce your own word count or to paste the text you want translated in a space provided for it. The platform then calculates the price for using each of the translators that meet your specified criteria. You then choose the translator and confirm your choice. The translator accepts the job and the process begins automatically.

Alternatively, if your requirements are more complex, you can simply contact TranslatorsVillage directly and we will confirm your needs and produce a detailed and comprehensive quotation.

What am I paying for when using the TranslatorsVillage platform?

TranslatorsVillage charges for the translation itself and for hosting, maintaining, and providing the translation services through this platform, including expenses and fees incurred to banks, credit card companies, PayPal, and payment processors.

The price you pay includes: Translation + editing + customer support + platform use + administration + VAT.
If you request a formal quote from TranslatorsVillage for more complex jobs then the quote will explain precisely what it covers.

How is payment made?

If you use the platform to order your translation you pay TranslatorsVillage directly and in full using an electronic payment system by clicking on the shopping cart icon and entering your credit/debit card information then clicking on the checkout button. Credit card payment processing services are provided by PayPal. Your information is therefore processed through a secure server. The platform processes your credit card information and sends you an e-mail notifying you that your payment was received. You can also use PayPal directly. By default payment will be taken at the moment you confirm the job.

Alternatively you can create an advance payment which will remain pending and only be released upon delivery of translation. The use of Escrow systems will be at the customer's cost.

Weekly payments and partial deliveries can be also established for amounts greater than 1.000 GBP.

When requesting a formal quote from TranslatorsVillage for more complex jobs and accept our quote then you will receive an Invoice containing full payment details.

Does TranslatorsVillage have contract with all translators?

All translators in TranslatorsVillage have been carefully selected and have read and agreed the terms and conditions defined for translators. They have a contractual relationship with TranslatorsVillage as soon as a client confirms they agree the terms and want the translation undertaken and the translator accepts the job.

How does TranslatorsVillage pay translators?

Translator acceptance of a project will initiate a Payment Order for the total amount of the translation at the rate agreed between TranslatorsVillage and the translator. Payments to the translator will be made using EFT or PayPal, after translation QA.

How does TranslatorsVillage deliver the very best translation?

1. High quality

  • Internal audits on quality in place. 
  • Previous reputation, verified references from clients
  • Client feedback, reputation on quality with tools providing standardized ratings

2. Delivery on time

  • On time delivery standards and rating control methods in place
  • Reporting of deliveries agreed versus real delivery
  • Information on availability throughout the process help to provide expected delivery time scales for each translator

3. Fair price

  • Each translator has his/her own selling rates

  • Since there are no 2 identical translators there will probably not be 2 identical prices. Depending on your flexibility on delivery, translator's experience and availability you will have a choice of different rates (we use the same system applied in booking platforms)