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Only the Best Translations: Because Quality Matters

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We want to become the number one translators' marketplace, by delivering the highest quality, bespoke service, direct from translator to customer with at least 98% customer satisfaction.

Why do we insist on the highest quality?

There are 2 main reasons:

  1. Companies invest a lot of money and energy in developing their products and they use our services because they don't want to miss out on international opportunities due to poor translation.
  2. Delivering only high quality translations is our most important value and it makes us unique. No other translators' platform in the market has this high quality standard.

And what does highest quality mean exactly?

TranslatorsVillage aims for 100% accuracy and 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time. We reject translations below 98% accuracy levels, meaning 2 minor errors every 100 words.

How do we achieve this?

  • TranslatorsVillage undertakes random quality checks on translations delivered and we will complete a Translation Quality Assessment process should a client ever be unhappy with a translation. If this become necessary, the payment process will be put on hold.
  • Any complaint will be communicated in writing to the translator within 15 days after delivery date. Failure to meet the agreed standards (a maximum of 2 basic errors every 100 words), we will reduce the amount payable by a sum equal to the cost necessary to remedy the deficiencies.
  • TranslatorsVillage applies Standard Quality Review procedures. The first basic Quality control is carried out by translation quality assessment market tools that check for grammar, spelling, additions, omissions and consistency. 
  • An external assessment is run if discrepancies are related to style, or misinterpretation claims. TranslatorsVillage applies Lisa Standards (LISA QA Model and SAE J2450) for translation quality assessment. It measures the number and type of errors found in a text and calculates a score, or TQI, which is indicative of the quality of a given translation.

We provide only high quality translation and for this reason we have a thorough selection process. When joining the platform, translators must confirm and demonstrate they can meet our quality standards and sign the Translators terms and conditions.

Our quality assurance processes are fundamental to our business model and allow us to assure high quality translation and to grow with our clients.