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Yusliani Zendrato

Registered and Experienced Translator, Full Member of HPI

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English - Indonesian

Mother language: Indonesian

Domains: Accommodation & Food Service, Agriculture - Forestry & Fishing, Arts - Entertainment & Recreation, Construction, Education, Financial & Insurance, Human Health & Social Work, Information & Communication, Legal - HR & Administration Services, Mining & Quarrying, Other Services, Public Administration & Defence, Transport & Storage, Water Supply - Sewerage & Waste, Wholesale & Retail Trade

Years in translation: 12


K. Translation Records English > Indonesian Translation Year Client Word Count Field Description 2005 – present Softitler/SNL Deluxe >1,000,000. Film/Entertainment Translation and Quality Control for DVD release of Movies, Series, Commentary, Episodes, etc. List of some work for Sotitler: 1. Marvels Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United, teaser 2. Anchorman 3. Brothers & Sisters, series 4. Hot Fuzz, movie 5. Life of David Gale, movie 6. American Pie, movie 7. The Godfather I, II, III, movies 8. Dita Von Teese, episode 9. Pink, episode 10. Keeping up with Kardashian, series 11. This is the End, movie 12. Jake and the Neverland Pirates, series 13. Kimora: House of Fab, Multiple Shoegasm, Miss Labeled, Getting the Boot, series 14. Big Rich Texas, series 15. Gravity Falls Just West of Weird, series 16. Built, series 17. Michelle Williams, episode 18. Little Fockers, movie 19. Independent Studios', 50 Cutest Child Stars All Grown Up, episode 20. Serial Killers on the Loose, episode 21. Kim Cattrall, episode 22. Soup Investigates, episode 23. Baby Got Family (Ice Loves Coco), 24. Baby Got Baby? (Ice Loves Coco), 25. Baby Got Bridal (Ice Loves Coco), series 26. Glamour’s 25 biggest Wedding’s Do’s and Don’ts, episode 27. Vegas Like a Pop Star (The Wanted life), episode 28. Hot Girls in Scary Places, episode 29. Kids of Dawson’s Creek, episode 30. Hollywood Nastiest Jobs, episode 31. Let Them Throw Cake (Big Rich Atlanta), series 32. I Want Soho Chic, Not Suburban Bleak (Built), series 33. Celebrity Style Story of Sandra Bullock, episode 34. Liar, Liar, Gigi's On Fire, series 35. Pom Pom’s and Circumstance (Married to Jonas), eries 36. Reunion Special Part 2 (Big Rich Texas), series 37. If WE Lose This Restaurant You Lose Me (Playing with Fire), 38. I Come First You Come Second (Playing With Fire), series 39. A Fairy Tale Wedding (Glam Fairy), Brides Revisited (Glam Fairy), series 40. Dipper vs Manliness, series 41. Super Buddies, movie 42. Katie Holmes, episode 43. The Den Sex You Desire (Built), series 44. Courtney and Kim Take Miami, series 45. Legacy X Wolverine and the X-Men, movie 46. Ryan Seacrest With The Kardashians, Miami Vices, series 47. Chasing The Saturdays, series 48. Immaculate Infection (Big Rich Texas), series 49. Scandals, QC 50. Revenge, QC 51. Grey’s Anatomy, QC, etc. 2013 World Soccer 5000 Sports World Soccer (Sports magazine) 2013 Dee Basar 3000 Finance The Role of Parliament in Curbing Corruption 2013 Dee Basar 3000 Agriculture Green Jobs in Agriculture 2013 Pfizer 11.160 Medical Site Practitioner’s Guide 2013 Corporate 300 Medical Haemophilia 2013 Rita 450 Financial Style Analysis 2013 Rita 300 Legal Agreement 2009 Mattel 1000 Patent/Legal Extract IP Policy 2009 Matahati Publisher 150.026 Novel The Last Concubine by Lesley Downer 2008 Eka Santi 25900 Medical Heart diseases 2008 Media Indra Buana 14000 Manual/Technical Monas Fountain Manuals 2008 Media Indra Buana 12000 Manual/Technical FireFly Flame Effect System 2005 Linux Indonesia 200 Software/Program Gnome Keyring Manager Indonesian > English Translation Year Client Volume (word) Field Description 2013 – Present Softitler >1800 subs Movie/horror VHS2, Independent Movies 2013 Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka 4000 Legal Court Order addressed to Bangladeshi Shipping Company from PN Niaga Surabaya 2013 Vietnam-based Agency 3000 Government Regulation Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 2008 – present Business News >1,140,000.- Government Regulation All regulations related to business and finance List of some work for Business News (starts from recent): 1. The Regulation of the Minister of Industry of R.I. Number: 85/M-IND/PER/8/2012, 16 August 2012 2. The Regulation of the Director General of Tax of RI Number: PER-24/PJ/2012, 22 November 2012 3. The Regulation of the Minister of Forestry of R.I. Number: P. 9/Menhut-II/2013, 28 January 2013 4. The Regulation of the Director General of Tax of R.I. Number KEP-321/PJ/2012, 31 October 2012 5. Circular Letter of the Director General of Tax Number: SE-12/PJ/2012, 14 March 2012 6. The Regulation of the Minister of Industry of R.I. Number 28/M-IND/PER/2/2012, 12 February 2012 7. The Regulation of the Government of R.I Number: 82 Year 2012, 12 October 2012 8. The Regulation of the Minister of Finance of R.I. Number: 199/PMK.08/2012, 17 December 2012 9. The Regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 20 Year 2012, 24 Februari 2012 10. The Regulation of the President of R.I. Number: 21 Year 2012, 24 February 2012 11. Circular Letter of the Director General of Tax of R.I. Number : SE-52/PJ/2012, 22 November 2012 12. The Regulation of the Director General of Tax of R.I. Number PER-20/PJ/2012, 11 September 2012 13. Circular Letter of the Director General of Tax Number: SE-51/PJ/2012, 21 November 2012 14. Circular Letter of Director General of Tax of RI Number : SE-47/PJ/2012, 1 November 2012 15. The Regulation of Minister of Industry of R.I Number 41/M-IND/PER/2/2012, 27 February 2012 16. The Regulation of Minister of Industry of R.I Number 42/M-IND/PER/2/2012, 27 February 2012 17. The Regulation of Minister of Industry of R.I Number 43/M-IND/PER/2/2012, 27 February 2012 18. The Regulation of Minister of Finance Number 80/PMK.03/2012, 29 May 2012 19. The Regulation of Minister of Finance of RI Number 152/PMK.010/2012, 3 October 2012 20. The Regulation of Minister of Finance of RI Number 162/PMK.011/2012, 22 October 201221. etc 2007 – present JATAM (mining-related NGO) 2000 Mining Press Release concerning news related to mining issues 2008 Prakarsa (NGO) 18000 Business/Finance Issues regarding WTO and Bank International 2008 Ministry of Education >125000 Education Translation related to BOS program, a joint program by Australian and Indonesian Government 2008 Dian Desa 9000 Agriculture Translation regarding agriculture in Indonesia and India, a comparison 2008 WHO 10500 Public Health Remote areas public health 2008 JHPIEGO 9000 Public Health Paper for Regional Meeting on Skilled Care at Bali in Under-Served Area 2002 Eddy 700 Tsunami Transcription and translation of video simulation on tsunami in Nias 2001 Fatma 9000 Trading Trade Fairs A Key To The World Of Exports Transcription 2005 SEAMEO 10 cassettes Public Health study Field Interview on Breastfeeding


  • BSc. in Biology from Universitas Islam As-syafi'iyah
  • 2005 Translation Course, University of Indonesia
  • 2006 Teacher Training, LBBP – LIA