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Mother language: English

Domains: Accommodation & Food Service, Agriculture - Forestry & Fishing, Arts - Entertainment & Recreation, Education, Financial & Insurance, Information & Communication, Legal - HR & Administration Services, Other Services

Years in translation: 5


I obtained my first translation experience over 5 years ago while working as international sales associate for an exporting company in Monterrey, Mexico, where I translated (Spanish to English) and proofread / edited (English) marketing materials (i.e. product labels, specifications and catalog). In this position, I learned business (sales, logistics, international commerce) terminology and the agricultural industry in both Spanish and English to help reach the international organic food market. Over the years I have been developing specialization with corporate legal, financial and business texts as freelance translator. Typical documents I translate include the following: 1) Legal: Corporate legal texts (contracts, meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, regulations, etc.) and commercial court papers (rulings, powers of attorney, etc.); 2) Financial documents: corporate annual accounts and reports, financial statements, banking and accounting documents; 3) Commercial: business presentations, letters, management report & guidelines, etc.; 4) Official Documents: academic records (i.e. university transcripts), personal records (birth, death, etc. certificates), licenses (i.e. vehicle permits); 5) Market research: Survey responses regarding products/services across different industries (dental, cosmetic, beauty, food, banking) As a give back to the community, I am just starting to also translate EN>ES articles related to biblical theology and global issues for non-profit organizations. Being involved in different activities in Mexico City and continuously learning the Spanish language always keep me on my toes. Spanish being spoken throughout the Americas, each region has its own variation (vocabulary, meanings, etc) enriching the language. Therefore, I always give special attention to both Latin American Spanish and European Spanish with cross-cultural perspective. Given my educational background and experience living in Mexico since 2010, I am also knowledgeable of the Latin American cultures and I have come to learn and love the Mexican culture and it is also the way I speak. In my spare time, I like to read newspapers and books in Portuguese to keep up with the language.


  • Spanish BA Degree, Indiana University (2009)
  • Certificate in Business Foundations, Indiana University (2009)
  • Two minors accompanied with my degree from Indiana University (2009): Latino Studies and Latin American Studies
  • **Currently working toward Spanish and Portuguese to English translation certificates through New York University (expect to finish by 2016)
  • **(Separately from NYU) Attending online Spanish to English Contract Translation course