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James Onyejegbu

A desire to improve and to help you achieve your objectives

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Spanish - English

Mother language: English

Domains: Financial & Insurance, Information & Communication, General

Years in translation: 1


Club de Lectura VOLUNTEER TRANSLATOR August 2016 - Present Working as a volunteer for a reading club after reading the recommended books of the club in both languages (Spanish and English). Involved converting book reviews and articles from one language into another and ensuring that the finished converted reviews relay the intended message as clearly as possible. Duties:  Researching literal phraseology to ensure the correct translation is used. Liaising with club members to discuss any unclear points.  Providing guidance and feedback.  Retrieving articles from newspapers, magazines & the internet & translating them into English.  Reviewing and proofreading mother-tongue texts for English learners (University students)  Reading of novels and classics in both Spanish and English. The Rosetta Foundation VOLUNTEER TRANSLATOR (March 2017 – till date) I work as a volunteer translator for Rosetta Foundation. The job implies translations and corrections of texts, articles in diverse fields of study; philosophy, anthropology, fashion etc. Funciones:  Investigation of necessary terminology to guarantee accurate translations.  Discuss with clients to tailor-suit and match translation specifications  Revision and correction of texts and suggestions to make for a more natural translation.


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