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Irene Vidal

Legal and technical freelance translator.

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Catalan - Spanish

Mother language: Spanish

Domains: Architecture & Real Estate, Legal - HR & Administration Services, Manufacturing, General, Certified

Years in translation: 12


Legal & Technical Translator (from English, French and Catalan into Spanish) Sworn Translator (from French into Spanish) Types of documents translated - Legal documents from civil, commercial, academic and technical fields: Judgments, wills, powers of attorney, contracts, purchasing conditions, confidentiality agreements, articles of association, birth and death certificates, criminal records, Companies Register extracts, educational certificates and programmes, university degrees, medical reports and annual financial statements - Technical documents from the field of information technology, construction, industrial machinery, telecommunications and engineering: Appliance and software manuals, manuals for industrial washing machines, folding machines, heat presses, studies of materials, architectural specifications of buildings, assembly of swimming pools, telephone infrastructure studies, technical reports of treatment plants, specifications of technical equipment.


  • Licenciada en Traducción e Interpretación (UPF, Barcelona)
  • Posgrado de Traducción Jurídica (UAB, Barcelona)
  • Posgrado de Traducción y Nuevas Tecnologías