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Claudia Oitavén

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Iberian Spanish - Iberian Portuguese

Mother language: Iberian Portuguese

Domains: Accommodation & Food Service, Agriculture - Forestry & Fishing, Architecture & Real Estate, Arts - Entertainment & Recreation, Construction, Education, Electricity - Gas - Steam & Air Conditioning, Human Health & Social Work, Information & Communication, Manufacturing, Motor vehicles & Motorcycles, Professional - Scientific & Technical Support, Transport & Storage, Water Supply - Sewerage & Waste, Wholesale & Retail Trade, General

Years in translation: 14


• TRANSLATION and EDITING/PROOFREADING main projects: - Environmental area (about 100.000 words): soil remediation and treatment, soil studies, contamination risk analysis and soil management - Tourism – hotels, tourist industry (,,, y (215.000 words) - Energies – wind turbines (55.000 words), power plants, oil - Catalogs of home, office, etc., commodities and concerning merchandising (135.000 words) - Electricity and mechanics – automobiles, industrial machinery and others, manuals/directions (over 260.000 words) - Medicine and pharmacy – scientific articles, protocols, guidelines, informed consents (around 1 000 000 words), including: Enciclopédia de Saúde Familiar, FGP Editores (Lisbon) - 6 volumes - Large projects on general topics - Regular translation of beauty products texts - Glossary for the wood industry (74.000 words) - Other translation, correction and editing projects (books and CD-ROM): Economía europea, un método para salir de la crisis, Telesforo Hernández Pérez, Punto Rojo Libros – translation A minha Biblioteca Infantil (Contos Bilingues, Inglês e Informática), Ed. Aupper, Lisboa - translation Carnes (Vol. I de la Colección A Cozinha de Hoje e de Sempre), Edições Aupper – editing/proofread. Montanhas (Vol. III de la Colección A Nossa Natureza), Edições Aupper – editing/proofread. • SUBTITLING of television programs (self-help and personal well-being, history and cinematography, music, ethnography and religion) and Japanese cartons. • VOICE OVER in European Portuguese. • TELEPHONE INTERPRETING


  • Licenciada en Ergonomía, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana de la Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal, 1985 - 1991