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Chris Cork

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Iberian Spanish - British English

Mother language: British English

Domains: Accommodation & Food Service, Information & Communication, General

Years in translation: 1


In 2013 I attained a Master’s degree in Translation from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. As part of my degree I worked for four months (400 hours in total) as an intern translator at a translation company. I translated legal documents such as court proceedings and contracts, business documents such as articles of association and franchise agreements, and tourist information such as hotel brochures and restaurant menus. I mainly undertook these translations from Spanish into English. Additionally, I revised documents translated from French, Portuguese and Catalan. For the following 2 years I taught intermediate and advanced level English to business professionals in and around Barcelona. I travelled to various companies teaching legal English to lawyers, financial English to actuaries, business English to company managers and technical English to engineers and research scientists. I had to draw upon my translation experience and business knowledge in addition to employing good class preparation, leadership, dealing with pressure and organising classes suited to each person’s individual needs. For a year I worked as a project manager at TransPerfect, a global translations and language services provider. I learnt the following disciplines: -How to use Wordfast as a translator and a PM. -The use of all Windows Office programmes. -The importance of TM’s, glossaries and style guides. -How DTP is needed for files such as InDesign, XML and dead image text. -The importance of post-DTP QA. -The necessity to check final files for small details to ensure target matches source. -My department mainly handled marketing, corporate communications and legal documents but I also managed several life sciences projects where I had to ensure ISO 9001 compliance. With both of my perspectives of the translation process I am now dedicating myself to offering Spanish into English translations and revisions as a freelancer.


  • BA Joint Hons, International Business and Hispanic Studies
  • MA in Translation Studies