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Comm & Translation Specialist (ES/EN USA native)

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Spanish - English

Mother language: English

Domains: Financial & Insurance, Human Health & Social Work, Information & Communication, Legal - HR & Administration Services, Professional - Scientific & Technical Support, General, Certified, Social Media

Years in translation: 7


I’m a native English translator from the USA, and currently reside here. Recently I had been living in Spain for five years, working in communications agencies where I wrote, edited, and translated many documents from Spanish to English for both clients and my companies. Over the duration of my career I’ve had the opportunity to work in many bilingual environments. My strength is definitely creating a fluid final English text that is extremely representative of the original in Spanish, by deconstructing each phrase, paragraph, and piece and reconstructing appropriately as a whole. I'm able to do this because I'm not only a linguist, but also a communication professional (both by university degree and experience).


  • BA degree in Spanish and Mass Comm from the University of Wisconsin-EC (USA)
  • Master's degree in Corporate Comm from EAE Business School Madrid (Spain)
  • Master's degree in Online Marketing from Aula Creactiva Madrid (Spain)
  • Master's degree in Web Design from Aula Creactiva Madrid (Spain)