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Antonio Galbany

Translator in Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese

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Brazilian Portuguese - Spanish

Mother language: Spanish

Domains: Electricity - Gas - Steam & Air Conditioning

Years in translation: 3


Translator and Conference Interpreter Translation and conference interpreting in the following language combination: A: Spanish and Catalan B: English and Portuguese C: French Simultaneous and consecutive conference interpretation in Brazil and Spain. Examples: - Conference for the Pan-American Health Organization and Regional Office for the Americas at the WHO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (November, 2013). Health, environment and sustainable development. Evaluation of the results of the commitments at Rio+20 between the different PAHO collaborating centers. - UKTI (United Kingdom Trade and Investment) through FIRJAN (April 2013). Service to the FIRJAN directors with the British architect delegation for a possible investment in Brazil. - Repsol, Rio de Janeiro (2012, 2013). Safety, shale gas extraction and human resources trainings. - MI SWACO (March 2013). Filtration process training with diatomaceous earth of the pipes dirt at the offshore oil rigs. - Vale and Odebrecht (January 2013). Lawsuit between Vale and Odebrecht at their operations in Kenia. Consecutive court interpreting of witnesses depositions and questions from the judge. - Schlumberger (December, 2012). Radiation protection training applied at the oil industry. Basic principles, use, risks, prevention and safety at its main base in Macaé. - Dow Chemical (September, 2012). Training of the new equipment functioning for the optimization at the chemical results acquisition. - Michelin and Fischer (2012, 2013). Tire machines repair at the factory base in Rio de Janeiro; assistance to technicians with the operators’ communication. - Mineração Aurizona (August 2012). Managers and operators meeting at the gold extraction base in the Amazon. Parallel training for new operators. - Senior Trilingual Translator and Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter, Lersch Traduções, Rio de Janeiro Legal and technical translations from Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at Michelin, Dow Chemical, Vale, Repsol, and British Council, among others. Language combination (A: Spanish, B: English and Portuguese, C: French)


  • Bachelors in Communication