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Terms and conditions for translators | TranslatorsVillage

The client finds the translator (you) through a combination of different selection criteria. Most of the information he has from you has been provided by you during the Sign-up process. Even if we do verify some of this information, it is your responsibility to provide accurate information on your skills and background.

Clients do not have access to all the data you have introduced in the platform. Payment data (translator rates and payment details) and references provided won’t be disclosed. References are also confidential data. They are a way to obtain historical data that will be added to your profile, but will be kept confidential if referees decide so.

Translator’s tasks

The task of a translator is to convey the linguistically and semantically correct meaning of a given text in another language. The customer shall be liable for errors in the source text.

Customer-specific terminology shall only be taken into consideration by agreement and is subject to the provision of adequate context documentation.

The Translator will normally be the creator of the translation unless the client has been explicitly informed that the act of translation will be subcontracted.

Translation means the preparation of a translation and any related task required to deliver quality translation: revising, editing, proof-reading, as part of the translation process.

The translation will be carried out by the Translator using their best skills and care. The Translator will work to the best of his/her ability and consult authorities reasonably available. This may include client consultation, which should provide appropriate responses to the questions the Translator may have. The final product will be fit for its stated purpose and have the highest level of quality.


The fee to be charged is determined by the Translator on the basis of the language combinations. Any fee quoted, may be subject to amendment if, in the translator’s opinion on having seen the source material, that description is inadequate or inaccurate.

TranslatorsVillage considers a request to be binding once the client has introduced payment details and the translator has confirmed that the information on language combination, word count and domain match his/her skills and availability and he/she is able to deliver best quality translation, by accepting the project request.

TranslatorsVillage will then issue an electronic PO to the translator at the amount accepted (the amount was calculated at the rate publsihed on the platform the time the quote was requested by the client).

VAT is not included in the quoted fee. TranslatorsVillage is based in the UK (please see details on the company in the About us link) and will add VAT to UK residents and companies and to non-UK residents without VAT number.

A minimum fee applies to all Translations. It is possible though to agree with the Translator to have this minimum delivered in different batches.


The delivery date will become binding after the Translator has accepted the project. When the delivery date is a material part of a commission, this must be disclosed by the Client at order time. The Translator will deliver the translation not later than the normal close of business at the Client’s country on the date of delivery. The client is entitled to request discounts for late delivery. 


After delivery, the client has 10 days for checking the translation. Payments will be processed the 10th and 25th of each month after the 10 days claim period. Translator will be paid not later than 30 days after delivery date. The Translator needs to issue an invoice to TranslatorsVillage in order us to be able to release payment.


If the Translator fails to meet agreed requirements, TranslatorsVillage will be entitled to reduce the amount payable by a sum equal to the cost necessary to remedy the deficiencies.

Any complaint in connection with a translation will be notified to the Translator in writing within 10 days of the date of delivery of the translation.

Translation Quality Complaints

TranslatorsVillage will be measuring quality and delivering Translation Quality Assessment when any client complains about the translation. At this point, payment process will be put on hold.

TranslatorsVillage will apply Standard Quality Review procedures. The first Quality control will be carried out by translation quality assessment market tools, and will be checking for grammar, spelling, additions, omissions, consistency. Following basic QA measures will be controlled by Xbench or ErrorSpy:

Also an external assessment will be added when discrepancies are related to style, or misinterpretation claims. TranslatorsVillage will apply Lisa Standards (LISA QA Model and SAE J2450) for translation quality assessment. It measures the number and type of errors found in a text and calculates a score, or TQI, which is indicative of the quality of a given translation.

We are selling quality translation and therefore our translators are selected carefully.

Translators are committed to deliver top quality translation (above 98% accuracy), which means that for every 1000 words a maximum of 20 basic errors will be allowed. TranslatorsVillage is targeting a client 99% satisfaction.

Confidentiality and copyright

Until acceptance has been received from the Client the Translation remains the property of the Translator and the Client has no right of use. After confirmation, the source and translated material remains the property of the client.

The Translator accepts a commission from the Client on the understanding that performance of the Translation will not infringe any third party rights. The client undertakes to keep the Translator harmless from any claim for infringement of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights and from any legal action which may arise as a result of the translation.

The Translator will keep confidential all information and documents delivered by the Client and will not disclose any such information or the contents of such documents to any third party without the express authorisation of the Client unless compelled to do so by law.

The Translator will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the Client’s documents once received, and copies of Material. However, the Translator accepts no responsibility for the confidentiality of, or loss or damage to any documents or data whilst such documents or data are in transit, electronically or otherwise.