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As experts in translation,we are aware that often clients do not have the resources to manage their translation projects efficiently and choose to leave that to people with more experience in languages. Many clients ask what exactly project management includes when they request a translation, and there is not a simple answer since translation project management adjusts to each client's requirements and might include managing the translation into a variety of languages plus any subsequent servicing and technical support (glossaries & style guidestranslation memories, File conversion, DTP..).

In a nutshell, once all the information about the project is in the hands of a Project Manager, they start analysing the project in depth to identify all the necessary linguistic and associated resources and foresee and resolve any issues that may arise. 

The Project Manager is responsible for the smooth running of all more complex translation projects, including the following stages:
A Project Manager might suggest producing a glossary or a style guide. These documents are particularly valuable if a text or perhaps a website is to be translated into several languages. The glossary will define any technical terms or specific words used in advertising or marketing a product. A fully articulated style guide means that there will be consistency of style when a text or website is translated by different translators into a variety of languages.  

The use of translation memory software is especially useful if texts need to be regularly updated or if specific words or phrases are likely to be repeated often. It means that if a word or phrase is translated in a specific way then it will always be translated in the same way, thus ensuring a level of consistency and coherence across all correspondence or other written materials.

Here is a sample glossary with terms frequently used in this procedure suggested by our Project Manager: