Nieves Arahal González

Dec 02, 2013

A la hora de gestionar una traducción o un proyecto, se encarga (incluso si no forma parte de sus obligaciones) de garantizar la calidad máxima del producto, tanto en el aspecto lingüístico como en el técnico, funcional o de diseño. Además, fomenta siempre que tiene oportunidad una buena ética traductora y defiende el trabajo en condiciones dignas de otros compañeros traductores.


Aug 06, 2013

Carmen's been working with us for a year, She knows very well her working languages and she doesn't doubt to do a deep research about the subject to translate, in order to deliver the best results. She has wide knowledge of many of the tools needed nowadays to translate accurately and efficiently and to carry out any project management task in the best and most efficient manner. She always meets the deadline even if this meant to work outside working hours. Finally, I would like to highlight that she has an excellent work capacity. She is extremely organized, very reliable and perfectionist, she always pursue excellence.

Lourdes Osorio Gonzalez - LingüistiCat

Aug 06, 2013

The best thing about working with Carmen is that she manages the incoming translations with an ease a lot of people lack of. Do not get me wrong, she is very busy at all times, she is very hard-working, but because of her serenity and patience I feel strong enough to ask her every single doubt I may have about a specific segment or match. And that is how you get such a high-level job done. Carmen knows she has to keep an eye on the people she works with, but at the same time she is very caring with her team and many clients have claimed how happy they were with her translations, which is the most important thing after all.