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The Export Translation Package*

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Whether you are targeting an overseas market or have just gained a foreign customer, the way to develop your sales is by speaking their language.

New sales can be gained by speaking your prospects' language. Hard won sales can easily be lost through miscommunication or a lack of understanding.

Potential additional export sales business can be missed through not being fully aware of the customer's needs or of new opportunities in the market.

The Export Translation Package from TranslatorsVillage gives you instant access to professional translation and interpreting services when you need them.

You focus on providing what the customer wants - we focus on ensuring the customer knows what you offer - and letting you know precisely what he wants.

It is well documented that using your customer's own language shows them that your business means business. It shows respect, professionalism and that you value their custom. It will enhance your reputation with them and more widely in the marketplace.

The Export Translation Package from TranslatorsVillage is flexible and can cover a single or a range of languages, from English into another language or from that language into English.

It is the solution that lets you focus on developing the business as if your customer was in the here.

What does the Export Translation Package entail?

The Export Translation Package can include:

How does it work?

You can then immediately forward us any text or communication that needs translating or call us to pre-arrange an interpreter to be available for phone calls or face to face situations.

What are the benefits?

Here is an illustration of the Export Translation Package  


The Export Translation Package from TranslatorsVillage will help you secure export clients and deliver real competitive advantage.