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Over the years you have built up trust with your customers and they recognise you as a reliable translator. With over 20 years in the translation industry, you can extend that trust to TranslatorsVillage as customer satisfaction is paramount to us. 

The purpose of this programme is growing together, by letting you make money and get new, satisfied customers. Over the years you have built up trust with your customers and they recognise you as a reliable vendor/partner. 

TranslatorsVillage, with over 20 years in the translation industry, allows you now to extend your trust to TranslatorsVillage (as customer satisfaction is paramount to us) to your clients. 

Registration is FREE, with no risk to you, and takes only 5 minutes of your time.



How does it work?

  • Send customers to TranslatorsVillage using the following link
  • You may also use the banner below to generate more clicks from your page and increase your affiliate revenues.
  • Let us know your interest in participating in our affiliate programme. Send us an email to

How do I start?

Creating a new affiliate account, choose a banner and insert it into your web page or let us know by mail the name of the person you have referred by mail (BCC copy will trigger us to add this client in your affiliate programme in our database).

How does it translate?

  • 8% on every sale originating from your site.
  • 2% on all sales originating from referred webmasters who join our programme.

...for each translation that your customer buys.

How are orders tracked?

When a user visits TranslatorsVillage through your website by clicking on a banner, a cookie tracks your website and this customer is registered in our database as your customer. You will receive commission on each sale from this customer. This customer is connected to you in our database. 

What about payments?

Payment is made each month to affiliates (minimum total 100 GBP, or at affiliate expenses)  If you do not reach minimum total,  amount will be carried forward to next month. Payments are made 1 week after client payment, by the end of month.

How to keep track of sales from affiliate programs?

We'll provide you with monthly reports of all your sales. We track all of our customer and affiliates activity with reliable software.  When a visitor clicks through to our site, a cookie identifying them as your customer is created.

If you are interested in participating in our Collaboration Program, please contact us. Full Terms and Condition will be sent to you.