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We like to think we deal with people rather than organisations. That way we stay focused because we never want to let anyone down. We know people need translations done properly and quickly, whether it is for a personal issue or a global business deal. We treat people as we would like to be treated; respectfully, efficiently and fairly.

We are careful to ensure our translators and other partners all share our philosophy. We are also committed to developing individuals both personally and professionally.

Who is behind TranslatorsVillage?
Our team is, and will remain, small. Our business strategy is to provide a vehicle for putting anyone needing text translated in contact with the best available translator for the job. We identify and collaborate with experienced professionals who share our values and philosophy. 
We are not interested in building an empire or massive internal administrative structure. We exploit new technologies to enable us to manage our resources and remain flexible and able to react quickly. We are adamant we will not let new technologies exploit us or distance us from our clients or partners. 

Founder and Director - Blanca Gonzalez

20 years of experience managing translation companies of all sizes in different countries.  Always looking for innovative ways to help people benefit and derive pleasure from the richness of multicultural experiences. She has been an Operations Manager in the language industries in France, UK and Spain, overseeing the Production, Finance, HR, IT & Logistics Departments. She has held different positions for some of the industry leaders and is now focused on implementing strategies that drive the growth of SMEs within the fast growing globalized world of commerce.

TranslatorsVillage is not just a place where people come to work. Team members participate according to their capacity. Our partners all contribute to TranslatorsVillage they belong to and grow together, to embrace innovation in the translation industry.