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In the next few weeks you will see changes on the website (Privacy Page, Forms, Cookies). We are working to upgrade them and make sure they are GDPR compliant.
If you have been in touch with us in the last years you will rec
Our network is growing!
Rainy spring makes online presence grow.
We've had a great month here at TranslatorsVillage! As we reach the weekend, we're looking forward to enjoying time to reboot before May comes around again.
Don't forget to rev
Time to share our 2018 goals!    
(more than 10% of the year is gone)
We are focusing this year in one main development, that has been in the company since the beginning: "growing the “village” side of TranslatorsVillage, the translation commun
Autumn started with an amazing International Translations Day!
This year, the United Nations celebrates for the first time International Translation Day and we made sure we celebrated it together with translators...
...and we had our guest bl
TranslatorsVillage & VideoDubber working together
We are proud to announce our partnership with VideoDubber.
TranslatorsVillage & VideoDubber announced today the integration between the two development environments to streamline a new
Everybody loves some statistics every now and then so we thought we'd put together some geeky graphics that tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do.
As you can see from the graphs above, the large majority of our regi
TranslatorsVillage in 2016
2016 is here!
Christmas already seems like a lifetime ago and January has already come and gone. Here at TranslatorsVillage, we have hit the ground
This month we really got involved with the hashtag #ExportingisGREAT – so great that TranslatorsVillage founder and CEO, Blanca Gonzalez, is now an ambassador for the International Export Network. Blanca has b
Eat healthier, learn something new, get fit - what's yours?
New Year's Resolutions are a great way to start the year, and here at TranslatorsVillage we are already thinking about ours and what we want to achieve in 2016.We would like to invite al
                                                          November 2015 Newsletter
Our monthl
TranslatorsVillage, the cornershop with 1.000 translators 
Arguably, Blanca Gonzalez has a worldwide passport, history and even DNA. She says that as Asterix, she fell into the cauldron of translation at birth and grew up inspired by langu
Summer is here (at least according to meteorologists if not our thermometers!) and at
TranslatorsVillage we have been as busy as busy bees being busy on flowers
and trees….
What have we
been doing?
 we’ve taken
            What is Contrapicado and how did it start?
Contrapicado are 3
moviegoers doing all kinds of activities related to movies and audio-visual
arts. We are three friends who all st
Following the success of the first meeting in Leeds a few weeks ago the
Spanish Business Quarter held its second networking event at La Tasca in Manchester
to stimulate Anglo-Spanish business and cultural relations the other side of
the Pennines.
TranslatorsVillage is sponsoring a new CIC in Leeds: Spanish Business Quarter.
Spanish Business Quarter is a CIC with HQ in Leeds, created to strengthen relationships between North England and Spanish speaking countries, facilitating the exchan
Time for our January newsletter, a couple of weeks since Western New Year and approaching Chinese New Year, it’s the perfect time to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing festive season and are now read
In this issue we are starting a volunteers section for translators that want to give some of their time and knowledge to help Non Profit Organizations. In this section you will find requests from organizations that need our help.
Today, we have
La empresaria española Blanca González  es el cerebro que está detrás de TranslatorsVillage.
Tras localizar un nicho de mercado, esta ex directora de operaciones ha fundado
el portal de traducción online desde su base en Leeds
Translators in TranslatorsVillage
Translators registered: 1200
Average years of experience of approved translators: 7,9
Languages combinations: 173
 Top 10 languages combinations
Source language
Into how many
Do you like photography, are you a photography enthusiast? If so, then this competition is right for you!
In this section we want to include pictures of places we visit or places we live in. We are aiming to put TranslatorsVillage all around
Spanish entrepreneur Blanca Gonzalez is the brains behind TranslatorsVillage. The former operations manager founded the online translation portal from her Leeds base after spotting a gap in the market. Bdaily put some questions to
TranslatorsVillage brings together the best practices in translation business: the selection process and quality standards used in corporate business combined with a direct access to translators. We gather more than 1,000 translators in more than
Company / App Name: TranslatorsVillage
twitter @TranslatorVille
public — September 10, 2013
What does it do?
TranslatorsVillage is the most straight forward marketplace for translation. We grant access to high-q
It's that time of year again where everyone is thinking about good habits to take into the New Year. Here is our top choice for a Business New Year's Resolution:
Drop what's not working for you and move on.
All products aren't going to be super
This is the second part of our information bulletin on how to buy translation. At TranslatorsVillage, we believe that is should be easy and simple so we have put together this guide to help shed some light on the process. Read about the key
When you need a document, text, communication or article to be translated it can be difficult to know how to get it done. Many non-linguists will consider that anyone with a minimal knowledge of the two languages involved (translations go f
Exporting is fantastic, but it can seem like a lengthy and daunting process. At TranslatorsVillage, we strive to make life as easy as possible and we believe that languages should not be a barrier when breaking into foreign markets. This is w
Summer is over… back to work everyone!
So summer is over (where did it go?) but at TranslatorsVillage we have as usual been tending our garden, taking care of our plants and sowing seeds that will bring forth fruit in the months and years to
Everyone speaks English, don’t they? Well, actually, just
over 5% of the world’s population has English as their main language. That
means that around 94% don’t!
But everyone else has learned English, haven’t they? Well,
it’s actually estimat
Currently there is a significant focus in the UK on developing the capacity of businesses to export. Exports can provide an excellent opportunity for increased turnover and profitability to a business with well-developed products and a stable UK cli
All academics and university lecturers, the world over, need
to keep up to date with the latest research in their own discipline, whether
this be in the field of science, medicine, the arts or social sciences. They do
this by undertaking research i
Because Quality Matters
We want to become the number one reference translators’ marketplace, by selling the highest quality, bespoke service, direct from translator to customer with 98% customer satisfaction.
Why highest quality?
There are
"C'est le temps que tu as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Don't stand still
In today's world we are overwhelmed with information. With so many sites and web activities it is easy to write some
You have a voice and something important to say
When you are seeking a professional (e.g a marketing expert) you want to know what they have achieved, what makes them special and in particular what are their specific skills.
The same thing happe
Leeds, November, 8th 2013
Globalization is changing the business arena. We are all looking to maximise operational efficiencies and contain cost for more competitive production models, in lower cost markets. New markets are also
Recommendations are the best way to build reputation and word of mouth is one of the best ways to build it. Receiving recommendations from your clients enhances your TranslatorsVillage presence and from our experience, translators with references ar
Why is your picture more important than you thought?
We all know the sayings: "A picture is worth a thousand words". I think it exist in almost any language I know, so there has to be a reason for it being so popular.
The reason of it be
Great initiative to help business to grow globally and great presentation we want to share with you.
Twinning Leeds with Spain
Great news! Globalization opens up new opportunities for your business. 
We recently created an youtube account and our first post is a short animation explaining how the platform works, to show our clients how easy it is to
With the UK hosting the Global Law Summit for the first time in 2015, now more than ever is the time to access international expertise.
The significance of dismantling language barriers in the legal system is illustrated by Chris Grayling the
For one day a year, it is widely recognised and socially acceptable to be silly and play tricks on one another. In a tradition that dates back to the times of the Ancient Romans, pranking has evolved from slipping salt into tea instead of sugar
Quixote; Iribu - 
years after the death of Cervantes, his immortal Knight
of the Sorrowful Countenance trouble continues
to for translators and editors (transmitters of cultures and literatures in the
There are over 6,500 different languages spoken throughout
the world, although perhaps 2,000 of them are spoken by fewer than 1,000 people.
There are major differences between all of these languages. The two key
elements of human language are words
One big misconception is that languages are a barrier to exporting. The other big misconception is that everyone in the world speaks English. So, how are these seemingly opposite two points reconciled?
Well, suppose your business is in Newcastle an
I was a university lecturer for over twenty
years and until recently I taught Spanish and, in particular, translating and
interpreting. I had a clear goal to help my students become as proficient as
possible both in the general use of language as we
We are currently looking for bloggers who are looking to get their name out there and generate exposure to their profile. Blog post will be announced in our home page and will help translators to gain exposure in our site.
Our blog will talk abo
We are pleased to invite you to our free webinar titled “Buying Translation for Beginners” which will be live on Wednesday 17th February at 15:00 (GMT time).
You will hear the
The 2015 Language Awareness Flashmob at Leeds Railway Station
This year was the first time that I had actively taken part in celebrating International Translation Day, and what a way to do it! The whole event, right from planning and organising
Pulling the petals off a daisy is an activity children are told has the same results as reading through a crystal ball: it allows us to see reality and therefore better controlling our future. I have no statistics on how reliable this is, probably ve
Whether you are a native English speaker or you if you speak a foreign language, participate in this event on September 30 2015.
Here is a link to the pilot we did last year… FlashMob 2014. This
year we plan to go bigger and better!
Hey there!!
Just a quick update to let you know that we now have a profile page on!
Which means you can now all say how great we are as a translation agency!!
And, better still, we can tell the world how great YOU are too!! So have
On the evening of the 3rd of
July, and just after the Tour de France parade passing through Millenium Square
heandig the Leeds Arena grand gala opeing, Spanish Business Quarter 
decided to celebrate their second event in Leeds in La  T
Language awareness flash mob - spontaneous gathering of foreign
language speakers starting conversation in their own language with people
passing by - took place in Trinity Center last Saturday, causing short and
amusing disruptions to the sh
Dear Citizens of TranslatorsVillage,
It’s traditional at Christmas to review the
successes that the year has brought.
2013 has been an important year for TranslatorsVillage.
The company was set up at the start o
Siguiendo la estela dejada por Alfonso X El Sabio y su Miniatuara de las Cantigas nos fuimos a la ciudad de Toledo, primera piedra en las escuelas de traducción e interpretación, el sábado 14 de diciembre.
Y dejamos nuestra tarjeta en el Café El
We believe that meetings people is the best  way of sharing information. Therefore we keep organizing meetings to meet with anyone interested in translation. 
We have organised five meetings so far (one in collaboration with Proz). They