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A Brief Guide to Buying Translation Services

When you need a document, text, communication or article to be translated it can be difficult to know how to get it done. Many non-linguists will consider that anyone with a minimal knowledge of the two languages involved (translations go from the Source to the Target language) should be able to translate anything with the help of a dictionary. Unfortunately that isn't the case. That is the equivalent of saying if someone knows how to drive a car they will be competent to repair the brakes as well.

A competent linguist may well be able to provide the "gist" of a text but how confident would you be that they had not left out any vital detail or been truly faithful to the original? Understanding the general message is a long way from recreating the full meaning, tone, register and intended impact of the original text.

A few things about translating you might find useful.

  1. All linguists are NOT translators
  2. Translators should only translate INTO their native language
  3. Translators should be experts in the subject matter
  4. Online translation software is good but not for everything

We are happy to share with you few things about translating you might find useful.

  1. How is a text translated
  2. How to know the translation is good quality
  3. How to deal with "cultural" issues
  4. What to ask for when asking for a quote.
  5. What is website localisation
  6. When to pay for translation

At TranslatorsVillage we know about language and translation and we are always available to provide informal advice about effective communication in English - or any other language.

Just contact us if you have are interested in getting our answers to the above questions or for any further guidance.