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Renan Dias Baptista

English - Brazilian Portuguese French - Brazilian Portuguese German - Brazilian Portuguese Italian - Brazilian Portuguese Spanish - Brazilian Portuguese Chinese - Brazilian Portuguese Dutch - Brazilian Portuguese

Feedback: 100% positive (3 reviews)

Mireia Terés Loriente

Catalan - Spanish English - Spanish French - Spanish

Feedback: 100% positive (1 review)

Gabriela Goodwin

English - Latin American Spanish

Feedback: 100% positive (1 review)

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“Nice team to work with. Thank you for such a great support. I miss a forum that makes the information more interactive. Even more important when you work with several languages simultaneously.”

Paul Translation Manager

“My magazine is published in two languages to reach a wider audience. It is great to see this kind of sites coming to help the small business in their globalisation process.”

Antje González Founder Vuelta y Cruz

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